About handmadeposters

Handmadeposters was officially started in January 2007. The company is based in Bergen, a town on the west coast of Norway, renowned for its beauty and for its 265 days of rain per year.

The motivation for starting handmadeposters was for the love of street art, to support the young artists working in that medium, and to bring their work out to people all over the world.

Our first four prints were made by three artists whos work we feel is a significant contribution to the street art scene; Dolk with "Officer Down" and "I Am Your Father", Pøbel with "Hard Work" and Sixten with "Jesus Shaves".

One of our principals is that the artist should choose for himself what images he wishes to have made into prints. We try to leave as much as possible to the artists concerning spraying and painting techniques. Our job is then to challenge the process of turning the result into a print that reflects the original artwork in the best way possible.

We are currently working with a well renowned print house in Bergen with more than 50 years of experience in silkscreen printing. All our prints are made by hand, and we use only high quality materials in the process.